Advisory Services
  • Acquisitions and Sales
    • Condominium Conversions
    • Development Plans
    • Lender Negotiations
    • Workouts
    • Issue Resolutions
    • Angel Money

We follow four main principles, which are the foundation and keys to success:

  1. Competence – We only provide advice in areas in which we have proven expertise.  We count on our partners to fill in the blanks.
  2. Confidentiality – We treat all of the knowledge and information gained during the consulting process with the utmost confidentiality.
  3. Independence- Independence – As consultants, we maintain independence from third parties, especially when decisions about suppliers or other vendors need to be made. Unless we are hired for a specific purpose outside of our CFO/Controller offerings and if any questions arise, they will be addressed, identified and explained right up front.
  4. Objectivity – We look at situations from all angles. The advice we provide takes into account all opportunities and risks.