Our CFO services will help our clients get back on track, maximize their profitability and preserve their company’s longevity.  

  • You believe that you are profitable but wonder why the cash flow is always tight.
  • You have made substantial investments in your information systems, but still wonder if your costs are accurate, if your pricing is right, or which customers and products are contributing to profitability.
  • You have structured arrangements with your bank and find yourself in default of technical covenants or need new access to capital.
  • You are a contractor and you want to know the profitability of your individual projects.
  • You are a multi-divisional entity and want to allocate overhead properly to measure the profitability of these divisions.
  • You are a multi-state, multi-entity, multi-division operation that wants to consolidate all your performances yet maintain individual results.
  • Are you overwhelmed with your workload with special projects?
  • We will assist you at a fraction of the cost of a full time CFO/Controller.
  • We will allow you to spend more time driving up your revenue

You want to use our services as we specialize in assisting small to medium-sized businesses.